My research

After some reflections and some feedbacks from the last workshop, I decided to go for the bag as my definite artefact. My intent is to make an illustration that can be seen in public and so a tote bag is a good way to make this work.

The ” issue ” I decided to go for, it is how people judge others from the way they look without taking into consideration how they really are.

So I summarised all this into a sentence : “It’s what’s inside that matters” as my slogan.

The reason I decided to pick this issue is because I felt that as this is a product that have to be sold and I did not want to take political or social issues that can be offensive or that cannot be shared by everyone. So I felt this issue is maybe less specific and can be addressed within different circumstances and we should all agree on this.

I wanted to make something positive, something that can just make people think for a second.



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