Experimentation/ problems to be solved

Since I wanted to do a bag and obviously aware that between 94 students there is a high chance of other tote bags to be sold, I tried to make it a bit different.

Most of the times tote bags are not made of good material and that they are open from the top. I tried to explore if there could be a chance to make my artefact appealing as an object, not considering the illustration.

The bags I bought are black (not the usual organic colour) and at the first I tried to put a zip in order to close the bags. Unfortunately the zip does not look professional if sowed by hands.

So I tried something else instead: buttons and metal clips buttons. The button look great, however in order to make the hole in the other side it requires  a lot of stitching need to be done and preferable with a proper machine so I decided to use the clipping buttons.







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