London transport museum

Today I spent the day in the London transport museum in Coven Garden. There I found a lot of material supporting my research and it has been a pleasure to be in straight contact and in context with some original pieces of design that makes what the underground is today.

IMG_9513 IMG_9450 IMG_9455 2 IMG_9456 IMG_9458 IMG_9460 IMG_9462 IMG_9466 IMG_9467 2 IMG_9473 IMG_9474 IMG_9484 IMG_9485 IMG_9493 IMG_9494 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9497 IMG_9501 IMG_9502  IMG_9533 IMG_9534 IMG_9541 IMG_9542 IMG_9543 IMG_9544 IMG_9545

Originale Fougasse’s poster

IMG_9550 IMG_9558 IMG_9559 IMG_9560 IMG_9561 IMG_9568 IMG_9572 IMG_9585 IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9592 IMG_9610 IMG_9618 IMG_9620 2


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